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The 5 Best (Non-Touristy) Things to do in Copenhagen

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I have already shared the 5 things you should do in Copenhagen on the blog, but I wanted to also let you know of 5 things to do in Copenhagen that other guides might not tell you. Living as a local in the Danish capital let my friends and I explore areas and do things that tourists just wouldn’t really know about from their research. These things became some of my favorite memories from my trip because I truly felt like a local Dane.

The 5 Best (Non-Touristy) Things to do in Copenhagen

1. Go on the Swings in Norrebro

This was right around the corner from my dorm and it was always so cool to bike past and see people hanging out on the swings and the colourful area around. This part of Norrebro has a bike path cutting through it that is surrounded by more cool things: a skateboard park, the swings themselves, and a striped hill to name a few. Grab a croissant from the Lidl across the street and you’ve got yourself an afternoon of exploring!

2. Jump on the Trampolines at Nyhavn

Although the trampolines are right by the most popular tourist attraction in Copenhagen, they never seem to be used by tourists; you can always spot some Danish kids jumping away. On the south side of Nyhavn, right in front of the water, are built in trampolines. Take a quick jump after your Nyhavn views and right before you cross the bridge to head to Paper Island!

3. Go Swimming at Islands Brygge

On the few steaming hot days in Copenhagen, it was mandatory to go to Islands Brygge because it was way too hot to stay inside without air conditioning. There isn’t a beach right in Copenhagen, but Islands Brygge is a place in town right on the water that has a wooden deck jutting out into the water. The water is absolutely freezing, but when it’s that hot, any escape from the heat is welcome! Make sure to bring a towel and some snacks for your time by the water.

4. Walk down Jægersborggade for a Coffee

Another gem right in the heart of Norrebro with the cutest local stores and coffee shops. It is here that you can find the classic Danish porridge restaurant, Grød, and a plethora of truly authentic Danish stores. For the most part, they’re cute local shops with the most Danish homeware, prettiest dainty jewelry, and handmade clothes, all on the cutest street in Norrebro!

5. Take a Go-Boat Around the Harbour

Friends and I ended up going on the GoBoats for a friends birthday and they are to this day one of my favourite memories of Copenhagen. Seeing the bay from the water gives you a whole new perspective of the city and it is so unlike anything I’ve ever done before, I really couldn’t believe we could do it! GoBoats basically are little motorboats that have a table in the middle that you drive on a designated route around the bay and eat and drink your hearts out. I remember sitting in the boat the day after my birthday party and feeling so incredibly thankful for my time abroad. Who knew a boat could give you so many emotions?!

Copenhagen has so many more wonderful gems than the 5 I mentioned here; this list could seriously go on forever! I really believe the hidden spots make a city, and for me, they definitely made my exchange!

xx Victoria

The 5 Best (Non-Touristy) Things to do in Copenhagen - strungingold

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  1. Courtney

    These sound like fun things to do. Swimming sounds like something I would do.


    1. Victoria

      They are such fun things, especially because they make you feel like a local! xx


  2. Hena Tayeb

    A great guide.
    We were in Denmark last summer and we had the best time… makes my top 5 list.


    1. Victoria

      Thank you! It is such an amazing city to visit and to live! xx


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