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The 5 Best Things to do in Copenhagen

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After my exchange in Copenhagen, I feel like a true expert on the city. It turned into my favourite place in the world pretty quickly with all the fun things to do. There is always something going on; you will never be bored in Copenhagen, and today I’m sharing 5 of the best things to do in the city!

The 5 Best Things to do in Copenhagen

1.Paper Island

Paper Island is so unique to Copenhagen, it couldn’t be forgotten on this list! Although it’s quite pricey (what in Copenhagen isn’t though), the atmosphere alone could make me drop a $20 bill just to get in! This turned out to be the number one hang out/dinner spot for my friends and I while abroad and trust me, the pad thai is so worth the 85 kroner. On a sunny day, bring a few drinks and sit outside by the water to enjoy the best that Copenhagen has to offer!

2. Tivoli

The Tivoli in Copenhagen is the oldest in the world and by far the most beautiful theme park I’ve ever been to. It has that old world charm, with flowers everywhere and rides that look like they’re right out of a ’50s magazine! I wish I had spent more time here while in Copenhagen, but if you only have a few days in the city, make sure at least an afternoon is spent here!

3. Little Mermaid

I’m not going to lie, the Little Mermaid statue is not the most exhilarating sight to see, but it’s worth the pretty trip. The statue looks so pretty against the fog and the area is littered with cherry blossom trees, plus, you’re right around the most well preserved star shaped army base in Europe! Take a stroll around the top of the hills surrounding and see Copenhagen from a  different view.

4. Botanical Gardens

I didn’t make it to the botanical gardens until late in my stay in Copenhagen and as soon as I went I knew I should have made it more of a priority earlier. The flowers were so pretty and the building itself is worth going for the photos! Grab a coffee and walk around the gardens to see some of the beauty in downtown Copenhagen.

5. Christiania

Christiania was one of my least favourite places in my favourite city. That being said, it is so worth the visit. It’s such an interesting place to go to because of the culture in the small area. Christiania is a place just outside of downtown Copenhagen that is known as the Free City. There are apparently only 2 rules, being no photos and no hard drugs. Christiania is known as a save haven for people who smoke weed and it is a place where smoking a joint is not only okay, but encouraged. Again, not my favourite place to hang out, but worth the visit to see!

Those are the 5 places in Copenhagen that I think are a must visit when you’re in the city! Later this week I’ll be sharing my top 5 non touristy places to go in Copenhagen and I’d love to know what your top places in Copenhagen are!

xx Victoria

The 5 Best Things to Do in Copenhagen - Strungingold

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  1. Courtney Hardy

    These sound like fun things to do. Botanical gardens are always a good idea.


    1. Victoria

      I agree! Botanical gardens in every city always make for gorgeous places to visit! xx


  2. Katherine Gamble

    I love botanical gardens! This breath-taking place just got added to my bucket-list. Great post.


    1. Victoria

      Me too! I hope you make it there, I truly think it is the best city in the world! xx


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