Best and easy packing tips for your next vacation

My 5 Easy Packing Tips

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If you’re a person that owns more than a few outfits, I’m assuming that it’s difficult for you to pack. Now, that’s a large generalization, and maybe it’s not! There are a lot of people that bring almost everything they own with them on vacation, but for us that don’t have the luxury of affording 10 extra luggage charges on top of their vacay, packing is not so easy.
I love to pack. Honestly, I think it’s so much fun to decide what you’re going to wear and have everything perfectly planned so the vacation goes stress free.

Here are my top 5 packing tips to ensure your packing lets you have the best trip!

1. Try on all outfits before you go

I cannot stress how important it is to know how something looks together before you’ve brought it halfway across the world. There have been many times when I look at outfits on the hanger and can’t get over how great my sense of style is, only to get there and put it on, wishing I had tried it on at home. The loose top doesn’t go with my favourite culottes, or I think I am more courageous with outfit color choices than I want to be when I’m actually there. It saves a lot of heartache when you know what you brought will look just as good as you planned it to.

2. Plan your carry on

I am huge into carry-ons. I love knowing I have everything I need for the entire first day with me rather than have to search my suitcase for it later. I always take a huge tote bag or durable backpack to house all my things, but make sure to remember a purse as well, just tuck it in your bag for when you’re stopping for that quick snack! You can check out my posts on what to pack in your carry-on when traveling on a road trip or for a semester abroad if you’re in need some inspiration!

3. Carry all your valuables on

There are so many people that have the unfortunate fate of having some things stolen from their suitcase while they’re traveling. I am lucky enough to not have had that happen to me, but I also don’t take chances anymore. All my jewelry, even costume jewelry, comes with me in my carryon suitcase to ensure there won’t be much to take if someone does happen to get into my bag.

4. Wear your largest items onto the plane

I was always under the assumption that this was somewhat self explanatory, but turns out, it’s really not! So, make sure to wear your biggest and heaviest pieces on the plane. Those Hunter boots, or big overcoat are better on you going through security than in your suitcase about to get charged for being too heavy.

5. Layering is your new best friend

Traveling the world is best done (in my opinion), with just a carry-on. No waiting for your luggage, no hidden fees, and the lovely ability to walk around town with all your belongings if you needed to. That being said, 2 of the things I hate the most is being cold, and being in the same outfit for every photo I have on my trip. By including layers in your packing list, you’re able to avoid both!

Have any packing tips you swear by? Let me know in the comments!

My 5 Easy Packing Tips for your next vacation

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  1. Konstantina Antoniadou

    I couldn’t agree more. I used to overpack every single time but thankfully know I have learned my lesson!


    1. Victoria

      Yes! It is such a relief to get to your destination and know exactly what you have!


  2. Courtney

    These are all great tips because they conserve space in your luggage. Layering is defiantly something I do when I travel.


    1. Victoria

      Absolutely, saving space and weight is the main goal when packing! xx


  3. Mia

    I’ve done the majority of my traveling for the year already, but I do have a trip coming up this October and I’ll definitely be using some of these tips!

    Mia |


    1. Victoria

      I’m so glad I could be of some help! Have an amazing trip! xx


  4. Kristen Carlson

    I like the tip about trying on all the outfits. I’ve thought about that before but then get too lazy and skip it lol. On my next trip, I’m going to actually do it!


    1. Victoria

      I used to get to lazy to do it too, but after a few trips where my outfits were awful because of it, I’ve learned my lesson! xx


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