Wide Leg Jeans - Strungingold {Topshop Jeans, Zara Ruffled Top, Rebecca Minkoff Box Bag, Forever 21 Sandals, Pandora Necklace, Aritzia Silk Square}


Welcome to Strung in Gold!

I started this blog to have a creative outlet for many of the things I love: fashion, beauty, and travel.  I have never considered myself a very creative person, but having the ability to ramble about things I am passionate about is something I have truly craved! I hope my little corner of the internet drives others to also share their passions and bring a little encouragement and inspiration. I think it was about time that my excessive list making and shopping habits found a place a little more useful than a journal on my shelf.

I have loved clothes for as long as I can remember; I was always the girl wearing the bright pink ruffle polka dot dress to kindergarten, and refusing to wear anything that didn’t stand out. Now, I would like to say my choices are more subdued, but I can’t completely admit that I don’t love a good pink ruffle here and there.

Currently, I am 21 years old from Edmonton, Alberta and am in the middle of a Business degree with a major in Accounting and a minor in International Business. I have a longing to travel the world and look great doing it, mostly so the photos turn out fabulous. I have a deep love for an all black outfit, floral patterns, and pearls!

I am excited to be on this journey and hopefully we will all learn a few things from the process.

Have any questions or comments? Check out my contact page to get in touch!

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