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My 5 Favourite Things About Copenhagen

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Now that I’ve been living in Copenhagen for about a month and a half, I’ve really settled into the lifestyle that this gorgeous city brings. I’ve only been here a short time but I know it will be a tough transition home. The European way of life is so different from what I’m used to; dare I say so much better? My exchange has already been some of the best times of my life and I wanted to share my 5 favourite things about Copenhagen that I’ve found since I moved here. Perhaps it will entice you to make the journey over which I strongly suggest.

My 5 Favourite Things About Copenhagen

the Biking

I love biking at home. It’s so relaxing; I prefer it even to walking. But at home, you bike to go on a bike ride, not to get from A to B. I love that biking here is encouraged, safe (somewhat), and a usual way to get around. The bike lanes are seriously incredible, and I love that I can bike to class, to get groceries, and even bike to the bar at night. Leaving this behind will definitely be the hardest part about going home!

the Cafes

Even though you have to pay an arm and a leg to satisfy your coffee addiction, the coffee here is worth it. I swear to you, I haven’t encountered a bad coffee or so-so cafe yet. I have to plan out my meals and usually skip lunch if I know I will be getting a coffee that day (hello university student budget!), but it’s so worth it! In Canada, most of the cafe’s that I go to are chains: Starbucks, Second Cup, and Tim Hortons usually will do. Here though, around every corner is a new place to explore and a new cafe to down a chai latte before moving on to the next quaint street.

the Fashion

When I bought my fur coat from Zara, I was worried about the looks I would get on the street. Not that I care what other people think of my outfits, but sometimes getting a few too many stares can really discourage one from going out in “questionable” pieces. So, quite obviously, when I brought it here I had similar worries. My first day here, I managed to spot at least 5 other fur coats in varying styles and colours. It really is amazing how fashion forward Europeans are. I could go out in a look right off the runway and not  be given a second glance. It really makes you feel confident in your own skin to realize that fashion is celebrated here.

the Architecture

Edmonton is full of new, modern buildings, but my heart lies with old buildings squeezed tightly on both sides of a cobblestone street. The area I’m living doesn’t have a ton of these, but take your bike 5 minutes down the road, and the old buildings start popping up more and more until that’s all that remains on either side of you. Although cobblestones aren’t great for my stiletto adventures, I would gladly give up my heels for the ability to live here indefinitely.

the Proximity to Other Places

That is one thing Canada seriously lacks, the ability to travel. With it being such a big country, a flight to Toronto costs me more than a months work during school. AKA not happening. But the fact that I can spontaneously book a $55 return flight to Brussels in 3 weeks so something that I’ll always cherish and try my best to use while I’m here. I have decided though that I don’t take advantage of travel enough when I’m home. The past year or so has been pretty dry because I had to save up to come here, but when I get back, I’m determined to not get stuck in my routine at home and instead pay the extra little bit for a few adventures. The photos themselves are worth the dent in my wallet!

There you have it, my 5 favourite things about Copenhagen! Have you ever been to Copenhagen? What are your favourite parts of the city?

xx Victoria

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  1. Adriana

    I am moving to Copenhagen next week and I really love that city! Especially the cafes, you are right, no bad coffee in Copenhagen!

    Lost in Denmark


    1. Victoria

      I am so jealous that you will be living here permanently! It would be my dream to never have to leave. Yes the coffee is SO expensive! I couldn’t believe it when I first saw!


  2. Olivia Poncelet

    this post really makes me wanna travel there 🙂


    1. Victoria

      I hope it does! This has quickly turned into one of my favourite cities in the world! xx


  3. Courtney

    Copenhagen is definitely on my bucket list! Seems like a wonderful place to visit.
    Courtney ||


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