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Summer Packing Guide

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Summer Packing Guide - Strungingold

Summer Packing Guide - Strungingold

Summer is when a ton of people tend to do a lot of their traveling. Us university students are off of school and most people find this the easiest time to get away. I got home from my semester abroad about a month ago (how has it already been a month?!), and I am going through traveling withdrawals! I absolutely adored being in Copenhagen and traveling around Europe for 6 months but I vowed that when I got back I would start exploring my own country more. Canada is huge, and although I have been to quite a few places such as Vancouver, Toronto, and Banff, it’s time for me to see more of what this great country has to offer! This summer I get to cross of Montreal on my list of Canadian cities to visit!

When I’m packing for a week long summer trip, I always want to make sure I bring enough summer and layering pieces. As gorgeous as it is during the day, the minute the sun goes down I usually reach for a light jacket to take the chill off. Thankfully for me, Canada is an amazing place for summer travel; it doesn’t get too hot (which is something that European summer taught me I do not deal with well), and there are so many amazing things to see while the snow isn’t keeping you inside.

Here is my go-to summer packing guide:

 1 Off the Shoulder Top

1 Blouse

1 Tank Top

1 Versatile Dress

1 Matching Separates Short Set

1 Pair of Loose Trousers

1 Pair of Cropped Jeans

1 Pair of Sneakers

1 Pair of Comfortable Sandals

1 Light Jacket

1 Jean Jacket

1 Bathing Suit

1 Light Scarf and/or a Silk Square

1 Straw Hat

1 Cross Body Bag

1 Tote Bag

1 Pair of Sunglasses

The key to summer travels is to allow for mixing and matching. The matching separates not only allows for a chic matching look one day, but you can wear the top with your other bottoms and vice versa with the shorts. I love looking different each day for the photos (who am I kidding), but I also love traveling with only a carry on; it makes life so much easier! This way, keeping the pieces to a minimum is necessary, but wearing the same outfits definitely is not!

I always make sure I have the best undergarments on my trip as well. Nothing is worse than bringing that gorgeous off the shoulder top only to realize you forgot your strapless bra… And I can tell you, it used to happen more than I’d like to admit. Thankfully ThirdLove has some awesome strapless bras right now to get you through your summer travels and into the fall!

What are your summer travel essentials?

xx Victoria

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  1. Chevelle

    I love this! I need to be more organized and strategic when packing. I tend to just throw stuff together at the last minute 🙂


    1. Victoria

      That used to be my worst habit; I would end up with a ton of things I didn’t need and would never wear, and overweight fees! Planned packing is the way to go for sure!


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